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How Online Reviews Inspire Technicians & Drive Sales at Campbell & Company

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Who is Campbell & Company?Campbell & Company provides HVAC, Plumbing and Electrical services in Yakima and Pasco Washington. They were named 2012 Residential Contractor of the Year by Contracting Business Magazine.

They joined ReviewBuzz in 2012, looking to get more reviews and manage them all in one place.

More Great Reviews. More Visibility. More Calls . Campbell & Company recognized early on the power of online reviews to drive more calls by increasing visibility with potential customers who weren’t sure who to call when they needed help.

Using ReviewBuzz, they’ve earned more than 815 reviews on sites like Google, Yelp, Yahoo, Facebook & more. They are currently ranked #1 in the Map Pack on Google for their local area.

Online Reviews Drive Service Technician Satisfaction…And More Sales?

The direct connection between online reviews and the individual technicians is what makes ReviewBuzz unique and what helps drive even more sales and technician satisfaction.

Campbell & Company realizes this and makes sure to recognize technicians with the best reviews. Every week they pick out reviews and read  them to the whole service team.

“It’s nice to see them come in and it makes you feel really good about the service you’re providing,” says Troy Brigham, Residential Technician with Campbell & Company.


Brigham has earned more than 135 online reviews (check his portfolio above), and attributes ReviewBuzz to helping him sell more and increase the satisfaction he has with his job.

ReviewBuzz allows technicians like Brigham to ask for reviews personally, rather than on behalf of the company, which increases the likelihood that a customer will write a review – and it ties reviews directly to him, so his company can reward and recognize him for great service.


Online reviews not only fill technicians like Brigham with pride and job satisfaction, they also help drive more sales. “The more you use ReviewBuzz, the more positive reviews you have, the more customers are gonna call you. And they answer the door with a smile on their face, instead of .. ‘Hey, just get in here and fix my stuff,” adds Brigham.

That pre-sale trust between the technician and customer drives sales through the roof, and reviews are the key element to building trust.

“The relationships made make your job that much easier,” says Brigham. “You go in and they are already on your side. They already trust that what you’re gonna say is what they need, and they know you’re not gonna push them around because they already read the positive reviews.

If you don’t have those reviews out there its harder to gain that trust.”