The Most Important Review Sites for Contractors


The internet, social media, and the major search engines have enabled customers to research and learn about companies before they shell out their hard-earned dollars on the services they need. This is good news for reputable companies—at least those with savvy marketing skills and a knowledge of the review sites. However, these review sites are not alike.

Learn more about some of the best-known review websites today, so you can make sure your contracting firm is listed—and that you are getting the high-level reviews your business deserves.


Yelp is a review site—and that is it. The site was designed to help consumers find local enterprises of all types. Yelp reviews often rank high on all search engines for local searches, making it crucial to get listed and even more important that your reviews be accurate and ideally with plenty of 5-star ratings. Additionally, Yelp reviews are syndicated to other services including Apple Maps (for the iPhone), Bing and Yahoo.


Google is the leader in search engines today. Nearly 65% of searches are completed using Google. Anything you can do to improve your standing on this search engine Behemoth is vital. Google reviews are one of the simplest ways you can do just that. All it takes is creating a Google + business account, and then customers can review your business plus you get the social benefits of Google + too.


Bing is the second largest search engine and a crucial player in the review market. Bing reviews work much the same way as they do on Google except that local searches on Bing utilize the reviews from the Yelp Engine. Customers can search reviews locally to find nearby contractors and other service businesses—making it vital that you show up in these listings.


Yahoo is the third largest search engine, but that still translates to millions of searches ever month. Like Bing, Yahoo local searches pull from the Yelp engine. However, due to algorithm differences, you may find that your site shows up higher or lower on one site versus the other, so it is worth looking at the rankings and comparing results.


You may think of Facebook as just a social media platform, but it as quickly grown into much more. When you create a business page for your company, customers can leave reviews. This makes your page more visible through standard search and gives you authority on the Facebook platform as well. This is just one more reason to consider upgrading your page to a business page on Facebook (which is free, by the way).

You may wonder; why doesn’t this article include reference to Thumbtack, Home Advisor or the heavily advertised Angie’s List as important review sites? In actuality, these are not review sites at all. They are paid lead generation tools.

Websites like these may be part of your marketing plan. However, these sites are quite a bit different from a free-form review site (such as Yelp!) that encourages all visitors to leave online reviews and read those left by others.

Now that you know a little more about how online reviews and reputation management for contractors work you may want to explore the concept a bit further.

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Be Remarkable!


You’ve likely heard me say this before, but I can’t say it enough…

Being remarkable, creating raving advocates from your current customers, and then giving them an easy way to shout your praises across the internet is the most effective form of marketing in today’s digital world.

This sounds basic, I know, but I’m always surprised at how many businesses don’t make remarkable customer service a priority in their business.

Here’s an excerpt from Stop Marketing. Be Remarkable! to remind us of the surprising power of remarkability on our businesses.

How Remarkable Service Trumps Traditional Sales and Marketing

Many business owners see customer service as a type of damage control and think of marketing and sales as the engine that drives company growth. Meanwhile, successful companies like Tony Hsieh’s Zappos get away with spending very little on advertising and instead use remarkable service to create mind-boggling growth.

These types of companies are making one simple decision which sets them in a league of their own when it comes to creating long term success, growth and equity, making them the envy of every entrepreneur on the planet.

They’re making customer-centric service their primary product and therefore, their primary marketing strategy. Early adopters of customer-centric service will turn raving fans into effective online promoters. They won’t need to come up with out-of-this-world, Thomas Edison-caliber products or marketing ideas in order to create explosive sales and company growth. Their very business will become its own advertisement.

Zappos’ “Entrepreneurial Suicide”

In 2003, when Zappos was going through the roughest financial period of their early years, Tony Hsieh made some cuts (in between fundraising rounds) in places many experts thought would certainly cripple Zappos’ growth.

Rather than continuing to spend a large amount on advertising, Tony did something completely out of the ordinary and decided to cut most of their advertising and marketing budget.

He shifted those resources and invested them in creating a remarkable customer experience. As it turns out, this act of supposed “entrepreneurial suicide” catapulted Zappos’ growth and revolutionized the way businesses were being run.


After making that groundbreaking decision, Tony grew Zappos from $70 million to $184 million over the course of just 12 months.

Over the next few years, Zappos continued to grow, going from $184 million to over $1 billion dollars in sales. This total growth from only $1.6 million to $1 billion took less than ten years.

Now here’s a question to consider… Is there anything earth shattering about selling shoes?

If you were to slip and fall in the shower, hit your head on the toilet and come up with the idea to sell shoes online, would you charge out of your house and run wet and naked down the street screaming: “Eureka!, Eureka!”? Probably not.

Selling Shoes Wasn’t a Remarkable, Innovative, or Outstanding Business Idea

If shoes were all Zappos had to offer, they’d have been priced out of the market by monster companies like Amazon and other online retailers who were willing to simply offer a lower price.

So how did Tony Hsieh grow Zappos so big so fast? He did it through remarkable customer service and turned ordinary satisfied customers into raving promoters and brand ambassadors who shared their positive stories through some of the largest social media platforms on the planet.

As you’re trying to grow your business, consider the story of Tony Hsieh and Zappos. You may be surprised what happens when change your focus from Marketing to Remarkability.

Be Remarkable!


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