Winning on Google: Why Reviews are so Important

Written by Dr. Diana Rangaves, PharmD

As an HVAC contractor, Google Reviews are the backbone for more sales and business. Customer-focused reviews singing our praises is how to win on Google for free.  

The truth is that previous clients know your business’s value, integrity, and excellent customer service.  

You’d agree with me that if you repair Mr. A’s air-conditioner, he’ill likely recommend you to Mr. B when his AC is faulty. Likewise, the referral of Mr. C for related and add-on services is a free reward for your company. Additionally, they may recommend you to the next door neighbor or close friend. 

Google reviews are a similar experience as word of mouth. Many potential clients are not familiar with you in person. Therefore, one of the best ways of earning trust as the best HVAC contractor in the neighborhood is through Google reviews.

Google reviews are the same as a first impression. A customer reads about 3-5 reviews before deciding whether to call you or a competitor. Let’s dive right into why and how Google reviews impact your business.

Increasing Brand Trust

One powerful thing about Google reviews is people trust them. Put yourself in the position of your customer. Let’s say that you need an HVAC contractor near you, and online neighbors from ten homes in the area recommend a specific company. You’re likely going to buy from that company—Google reviews work the same way. It’s the best way of increasing the trust and recognition of your brand, as the client will know you’ve made other customers happy.

This translates to more sales and more business. Your potential customers learn about you through Google reviews. By the time they call you, the client knows your services, reputation, review status, and whether they’ll buy from you or not. Google reviews solidify the client decision journey. 

Online Exposure

Ranking high on Google is central for businesses in this digital online age. How are customers going to find you? Being on the first page of Google means continuous authority over your competitors. Local SEO searches that involve keywords like ‘HVAC near me,’ ‘HVAC in Seattle,’ etc., are very common on search engines. Google uses those keywords to rank businesses. To be on Google’s top rank, your business must have helpful, educational, and reliable content. Additionally, Google is very location-specific, and reviews are used to rank your business.

So, if your business has the highest number of ratings and reviews in a specific location, it will contribute a lot to your ranking on Google pages. For example, if your business has many Google reviews from Seattle or any related keywords from customers, your business will gain better online exposure than other businesses.

Customer Feedback

Every person likely to become your customer wants to know how you satisfied the last client. This will shape their judgment and perspective about your business. Google reviews gather and publish your customers’ opinions so that they are visible to people around the world. Research suggests, “97% of consumers read online reviews for local businesses in 2017, with 12% looking for a local business online everyday.” This is a huge opportunity to reach and influence decision-makers. It establishes free lead generations and can transform your company into a lead magnet. 

If we dig further, customer feedback reviews not only increase ranking, but they are also social proof building your visibility to the online world. In addition, reading your clients’ reviews expands and advances your customer service. You will know their pain points and can respond proactively. Insight into what your clients are thinking is one of the huge benefits of Google reviews. 

To keep customer feedback going and create an appropriate dialog, open their reviews and reply. Of course, the reply must be sensible, well-timed, and suitable. Remember, the internet is watching, so be in the right frame of mind. A meaningful reply that appreciates or promises an improvement goes a long way. You want to let your customers know that they communicate with a human, not a bot. 

Convert Customers

With Google reviews, customers express the good and the needs improvement sides of your business based on their experiences. Some do so politely, while others report aggressively. Regardless of their approach, you must respond positively and calmly. 

Ensure that your response is helpful. This will create a feeling of being listened to, and other people will take note. A respectful dialog supports client conversion and retention. Your company will be winning on Google as more people are willing to express their minds without any feeling of intimidation.

Close Sales

For people who doubt your product or service, a long thread of positive reviews will relieve any misgivings or anxiety. Reviews directly impact your reputation and sales. People want a cozy relationship with a business. They want to know that they made the right choice. This validation comes from Google reviews and the knowledge that they’re not missing out. In fact, “84% of people trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation” according to recent research. Consumers are turning to the internet for answers to all of their questions, including what to buy and where to buy it from.

High-quality reviews with text and a positive experience are the gift that keeps giving. Customers will not only come to your company when they see great reviews, but they’ll also recommend it to their close friends and associates.


Google reviews improve conversion, your ranking on Google pages, customer acquisition and retention rate and support local SEO searches by allowing clients to express their experiences with your business. 
These reviews also deliver valuable, actionable information for business plan development, and improvements. Get started with ReviewBuzz today.

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