ReviewBuzz and ServiceTitan – Now Integrated!

It’s official. ReviewBuzz and ServiceTitan, two leading software providers for the home services industry, are now seamlessly connected.

And your life is about to get a whole lot easier.

Now, getting more 5-star online reviews on sites like Yelp, Google, Facebook and more will be automatic and easier than ever.

You and your team are going to love it!

Not yet using ReviewBuzz? Request a free 30-day trial of ReviewBuzz and we’ll waive the set-up and integration fees (a $724 value).

Not yet using ServiceTitan? Learn more about ServiceTitan and discover how you’ll save $3,527 on the start-up and integration fees.

ServiceTitan is the #1 software for managing a home services business. It’s powerful yet easy-to-use platform combines scheduling, dispatch, invoicing, sales, marketing, reporting and more in a mobile, cloud-based platform.

Already using both ServiceTitan and ReviewBuzz? What are you waiting for? Get integrated now and we’ll waive the integration fee (a $527 value!). Call 1-888-WIN BUZZ and we’ll help you get integrated.


“It’s Like Peanut Butter & Chocolate”

ReviewBuzz & ServiceTitan client William and Susan Roberts-Frew from Sunshine Plumbing, Heating and Air helped beta test the integration and saw amazing results. We know you will too. Check out what they said below:

More Reviews, More Calls and a More Efficient Team? YES!

Online reviews matter – your customers are looking at them before calling you – and the more great reviews you have the more calls you are going to get. You know that.

We released the integration to a group of our mutual clients several months ago, so we could test the integration and make sure it was bulletproof before releasing it to the general public. And these clients saw astounding results.

The early release clients averaged 133% more online reviews and their weekly office staff efficiency increased by an average of 30%!

More Reviews

Make Your Team Happier

With the integration your team won’t have to book and close jobs in two places. It’s all done for your team. Automatic and hands-free!  And with your team getting more reviews, they will be earning more points and prizes through ReviewBuzz’s one-of-a kind Employee Fun & Happiness Program. A recognized and rewarded employee is usually a happy employee. And happy employees? Well, they make your customers happier.


Make Your Customers Happier

With your team more productive and happier, they can focus and do a better job where it really matters – with your customers. And since all the reviews and customer feedback you collect in ReviewBuzz are connected to individual employees, you can correct service issues quickly.

Plus, with the proven ReviewBuzz trust-building email automatically sent to customers before the service team arrives, your customers will be more comfortable, more trusting and happier with your service technician.

ReviewBuzz and ServiceTitan

Integration Special – Act by March 4th

Not yet using ReviewBuzz? Request a free 30-day trial of ReviewBuzz and we’ll waive the set-up and integration fees (a $724 value).

Not yet using ServiceTitan? Request a demo now of ServiceTitan and you’ll save $3,527 on the start-up and integration fees.

Already using both ServiceTitan and Reviewbuzz? What are you waiting for? Get integrated now and we’ll waive the integration fee (a $527 value!). Call 1-888-WIN BUZZ and we’ll help you get integrated.

5 Things To Look For In Home Service Software



One mistake many small to medium-sized home contractor businesses make is thinking that back-end business management software is just for the big dogs. This is simply not true.

It makes sense that a large residential home service business would benefit from having software to track a large number of workers, phone calls, time on job, billable hours vs. non billable, leads vs. conversion and how many leads were lost in the pipeline. However, a small to mid-sized business can potentially benefit even more from SaaS that can streamline its business practices and fine tune its sales processes on a smaller scale.

But what exactly should operational software be able to accomplish for your residential home service business? Here are five things to look for:

  • Worker productivity tracking – How many hours are billable hours for each worker? How many hours were spent on administrative duties? How productive is each employee? Back-end software can track many worker activities depending on what is most important to your business.



  • Business forecasting – Compare your company’s productivity from year-to-year, month-to-month and more with software that also helps you predict how your business will perform (and is currently performing) with more accuracy.



  • Scheduling – The software you select should be able to take the guesswork out of creating/updating/changing worker scheduling with the ease of a dashboard. A scheduling dashboard should allow for easy managing and changing schedules with a click and drop capability or with a simple system. Color-coding each worker by status can be a helpful tool, as well.



  • Dispatch capability – An essential component of a good management software system for service industry businesses is the dispatch function. Efficient dispatching of workers can save money by improving workflow and making it easy to supervise and adjust time management.



  • Extraordinary customer service and support – Any operational software needs a superb support staff who can answer any questions that might arise and can address them quickly and effectively with minimal hassle. Look for customer testimonials and references before choosing a system for your business.

Andrew Loschert is Manager of Marketing Analytics and Optimization for ServiceTitan.

ServiceTitan is the #1 software platform for managing a home services business, incorporating the industry’s best practices to help you run a better business, lower costs, improve sales, provide a better customer experience, and manage your business more easily.

Coming Soon: ReviewBuzz and ServiceTitan are soon to be seamlessly integrated, giving ServiceTitan clients a hands-free way to get 5-star online reviews on sites like Yelp, Google, Facebook and more. To learn more about ServiceTitan, click here.