Introducing BuzzCards and BuzzBadges

The all-new BuzzCards and BuzzBadges are the easiest and safest way for your team to earn more reviews.

BuzzCards are review request cards, created exclusively for ReviewBuzz clients, that make it easy and safe for your service team to ask for a review in person.

BuzzBadges are badges your team clips to their uniform that customers can scan from a socially safe distance. They are completely touchless and are FREE with every BuzzCard order.

Point. Click. Reviews.
Seriously…That’s All it Takes.

All your customer has to do is…

  1. Point their phone camera at the QR code.
  2. Click a link.
  3. Write a review.

Try it for yourself!

Point your phone’s camera at the QR code to see it in action.

More Reviews. More Revenue!

Each employee has a unique set of cards and badges with their name, photo and QR code.

And each employee earns points, rewards, and recognition in ReviewBuzz for their reviews.

This inspires your service team to deliver great service and ask for even more customers for reviews. 

And that means more stellar Google reviews, more service calls and more revenue!

Save Time. Save Money.

The new BuzzCards and Badges puts the review request process where it belongs. With your service team. 

When your service team asks, your office staff is relieved of having to manually send review requests after a job is complete.

The office staff will save at least 8 hrs per week. 

Dispatchers and CSRs will absolutely love you for it!

Keep It Safe. And Socially Distant.

With BuzzCards and Badges, your team can ask for reviews and still maintain social distance. 

The cards and badges are touchless and can be scanned at a socially safe distance.

Your team and your customers will appreciate it.

Make It Easy For Your Team.
Make It Easy For Your Customers.
Order Your BuzzCards And Badges Today!