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Online reviews help add $91k in revenue.

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Bradley Mechanical started with ReviewBuzz looking for an effective strategy to take control of their online reputation while making sure they continue to focus on what matters most – providing remarkable customer service.

Why They Needed Online Reviews

Bradley Mechanical realized that more and more of their customers were reading online reviews to make decisions about which local service business to use. This made their lack of great online reviews on sites like Google and Facebook a big problem.

They knew they had remarkable people and provided great service to their customers. But that great service wasn’t being reflected in their online reputation, which was costing them business.

Hesitant to Start

Even though they understood the importance of reputation management, they weren’t sure if ReviewBuzz would be right for them.

Our call counts have increased since we started, and close rates are 50-55% higher. Customers are all saying they chose us because the reviews, and that wouldn’t have been possible without ReviewBuzz!

Shocked and Astonished by the Results

In just 60 days Bradley Mechanical used ReviewBuzz to amass more than 122 online reviews, which netted them roughly $91,000 in new sales and service revenue. That’s an astounding 137 to 1 return on their investment in just 60 days!

The impact ReviewBuzz had on helping them drive new business was clear. But what was also exciting was how reviews helped to motivate their team.

Surprising Additional Benefits

Bradley Mechanical always prided themselves on giving superior customer service. But they found that when they began using ReviewBuzz’s unique employee-based review system, their team was motivated to be even more remarkable.

That’s because ReviewBuzz makes it easy to recognize and reward your people for the amazing work they do. When a team member gives outstanding customer service that inspires a great review, they’re automatically awarded points for their hard work. And they can use those points to claim prizes that are meaningful to them.

Technicians love it. One guy is on the doorstep to winning a trip to Mexico and has 32,500 points in 2 months. We look to that individual to help motivate our other techs.

Growth the Entire Team Can Get Behind

By overcoming their initial hesitation and making the choice to start ReviewBuzz, Bradley Mechanical has experienced incredible growth.

That’s because ReviewBuzz gave them the tools to leverage their remarkable people and service into hundreds of 5-star reviews that inspire new customers to choose them over their competitors.

And because ReviewBuzz is built to get the whole team motivated, engaged, and involved everyone from the owner to the service technicians reaps the rewards.

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