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Boost closing ratios with BuzzMaps

Traditional brag books are dead! Today, online reviews and recommendations from happy customers are the most powerful trust-building assets available to HVAC shops, bar none. 

How one HVAC salesperson CRUSHED the competition using local reviews.

$9 million/year HVAC salesman's secret weapon: local reviews.

BuzzMaps was inspired by the country’s most successful HVAC salesman, Rick P. who uses local reviews to build confidence in his prospects – and he’s wildly successful!

• Rick’s annual sales totaled more than $9 million!
Rick has a closing ratio of 49%.
• Rick has an average ticket of over $18,000!

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How BuzzMaps boosts closing ratios

Google can make the phone ring... But whose?

When a homeowner searches for HVAC, they see a map with your competitors. The company’s with the best reviews appear at the top of the list.

BuzzMaps builds unquestionable trust.

Seeing that your company has 5-star reviews all across the region shows that your company is “the real deal” and not some fly-by-night operation. 

How BuzzMaps works:
How to close a sale using BuzzMaps:

“We greatly appreciate the chance to show you what we can do, Mr. and Mrs. Jones. 

“We know how important it is to gain your confidence, so I would like to point out that we have over 100 5-star reviews online. 

“In fact, here is an actual map of customers who have posted glowing reviews. And here’s a review from Mrs. Smith right down the block. 

“And here are a few reviews written for one of our best and brightest installers John Smith who will be working on your HVAC installation.”

Your team can use BuzzMaps to erase any doubts about your company. The entire process takes less than one minute! Do you have one minute to spare to greatly increase the chance of closing a sale?