3 Stages of Success with BuzzMaps

How to setup BuzzMaps and use it to build trust and close more sales


Social proof is the key to success today. It’s not what you say that matters. What’s most relevant to homeowners is what your customers say about your company. 

With BuzzMaps, you can give your sales team the secret weapon to closing more sales — relevant local reviews. A fully loaded map will give them the very best chances of success in building confidence and trust with homeowners and closing sales.

In order to ensure your sales team’s secret weapon is fully-loaded, quickly check your reviews and add pins where needed. This is not an extremely time-consuming process once you get started. 

Watch the video to learn how to add pins to BuzzMaps manually.

It’s imperative to have all of your reviews pinned before moving on to stage 2. Every single review in BuzzMaps gives your team another chance at closing a sale. 

Watch the video to learn how to add pins to BuzzMaps


Once you have all your reviews entered into BuzzMaps, you can begin to train your sales team on how to use it to close more sales. You can start with a small group of team members whom you feel are most likely to use BuzzMaps in their sales presentations. Real success stories help to build advocacy and to get the others to adopt this powerful tool.

To optimize their success talk to your sales team about how their prospects are looking for trust factors that are relevant to them, personally. And what can be more relevant than glowing reviews written by their neighbors and homeowners in their local community? 

Show your new equipment sales team or repair technicians how to:

  1. Pull up BuzzMaps on their mobile device or laptop
  2. Find reviews that are close by their prospects
  3. Find reviews for a particular employee assigned to the job
  4. Display individual reviews written by happy customers 

Once you’ve trained each team member, ask them to give you a demo of BuzzMaps to assure that they understand how to use it.

Train your sales team in how to use BuzzMaps to close sales.


After your team has been using BuzzMaps in the field for a couple of weeks, follow up with each of them individually to again ensure they are using BuzzMaps properly for best results and discuss its effectiveness in helping them close sales. 

Ask each team member to outline any challenges they are having in using BuzzMaps so they can be addressed. Share any insights with the entire team. From time to time check in again with each team member to assess results.

BuzzMaps sales team checklist:

  1. Is each sales person using BuzzMaps in their sales presentation? If not, why?
  2. Do they understand how to find a particular location?
  3. Are they able to easily bring up nearby reviews?
  4. Are they able to display individual reviews?
Check in with each member of the sales team to assess results.

Need help? 

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